Top tips on how to wash and care for your Bellyssimo Clothing

Top tips on how to wash and care for your Bellyssimo Clothing

A shrunken dress, a blotchy pair of pants. There is nothing more disappointing than your favourite outfit being ruined by a wash – especially when you’ve finally stocked up on stylish, high-quality Bellyssimo maternity wear. That’s why we have compiled a list of our top tips for looking after your pregnancy clothing.

With a little bit of care it’s easy to preserve your clothes’ lifetime and as your Bellyssimo garments grow with you, let’s make sure to keep your favourite maternity items soft, comfortable and colourful!

Although washing instructions for maternity wear isn’t very different from usual clothes, we have some helpful advice on how to best care for your garments. With the following tips, there’s no doubt you will look as glamorous as the first time you showed off your baby bump.

#1. Tip: Read the Wash Care Labels

It might sound simple, but this may be the biggest reason why clothes get ruined. The care symbols on each label provide helpful information as they indicate which laundry and drying setting is appropriate for your clothing.

#2. Tip: Sort your laundry

Always wash similar colours together to prevent fabric dyes from bleeding into lighter coloured clothing.
Separate your Bellyssimo clothing from towels and sheets.

#3. Tip Choose the right temperature

Hot water can shrink or fade many fabrics and fine garments may require a more delicate wash and spin cycle.
Most linens and white clothing are washed in hot water to remove germs and heavy soil, but delicate items or clothing with bright colours should usually be washed with cold water.
Warm water is usually the best choice for permanent press and denim jeans.

#4. Tip: Always pretreat stains

If possible, try to clean a stain as soon as it happens with plain sparkling water.
Avoid rubbing the stain, as you may push it deeper into the fabric. If the stain has already dried, pretreat with a stain remover solvent or scrub with a small amount of liquid detergent and water.

#5.Tip: Select a suitable detergent

Regular laundry detergent should suffice for your maternity laundry, but consider that your skin might be more sensitive than usual. A non-bio detergent is a good option during pregnancy.

#6. Tip: Delicate/Cold Cycle for elastic waistbands and ties

Pregnancy bottoms often feature elastic waistbands, strings or ties which tend to get all tied up after a wash, losing their shape. Since hot water damages elastic over time, make sure to wash these kinds of items on a delicate or cold cycle, and let them air dry after the wash to keep the waistbands soft and flexible.

#7.Tip: Use mesh laundry bags

If you want to protect sensitive items such as nightwear, tops and shorts, using mesh laundry bags is the safest solution.

#8. Tip: Follow Bellyssimo’s Fabric Care Guide

At Bellyssimo, our fashionable maternity clothing is made from a variety of high-end fabrics, which offer a unique sense of style combining ultra comfort with glamour for every occasion. For a positive long-term experience, it’s important to understand the care instructions for each garment so you can fully enjoy your acquired Bellyssimo items beyond pregnancy.

Fabric Guide: 

Bon-Bon: For Bon-bon, a spot wash with a soapy solution in lukewarm water is recommended. This type of garment should be rinsed with clear water and air-dried.

Bengaline: As it is a very sensitive smooth-surfaced fabric, cold machine wash and line dry is recommended.

Cotton Lycra: Can be washed by hand or machine in lukewarm water on gentle cycle. Don’t use chlorine bleach and rinse thoroughly.

Cotton Voile: Wash cotton voile garments by hand, using a gentle detergent made for fine fabrics and hand washables. Alternatively, launder the fabric in cool water on your machine’s gentle cycle.

Linen: Linen clothes have to be washed in cool or lukewarm temperatures – never in cold or hot. If it is possible to select the water level in the washing machine, always use the maximum offered.

Stretch Denim: For the first couple of laundries, wash your stretch denim item separately. Hand or machine wash in lukewarm water is recommended and you can help protect the fabric by choosing the delicate setting of your washer.

Viscose Lycra: This is a very fine fabric and should be hand washed in cool water.

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