Our Story

Our Story to Maternity Wear

Bellyssimo is a South African maternity wear brand and online store, founded in 2005, providing pregnant women with comfortable, functional and affordable outfits for every trimester. Our comfortable maternity wear is inspired by a true story when our founder’s wife, Lauren, fell pregnant and was unable to find any flattering pregnancy garments that made her feel comfortable. Lauren’s husband, Ulric, had worked for many years with JoJo Maman Bebe, a leading UK maternity brand and online store. He knew the opportunity to reach more women needing pregnancy wear was to sell online. They decided to purchase and reinvent the leading South African maternity wear brand, Bellyssimo.


Our Focus

At Bellyssimo we care about YOU! So we design maternity clothing that will look after you, while you look after your baby bump. We combine high-quality essential maternity clothes made from exceptional fabrics with clever pregnancy design details for every occasion, from casual wear to dresses. From the maternity dresses to the maternity jeans, our maternity clothes will support you through the changing nature of pregnancy and beyond, as they grow with you, thanks to our long-lasting, fine garments.


We hope you’ll enjoy wearing our maternity clothing and wish you a wonderful pregnancy!

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