Your Preggy Shape and How to Dress it Best

Your Preggy Shape and How to Dress it Best

You are 12 weeks into your pregnancy and you can see your body is starting to change shape. You have “popped” and you suddenly have a very noticeable baby bump. You now find yourself looking in the mirror and asking yourself the question: how am I going to dress for my new figure?

It is now time to determine which of the four pregnancy body types you are so that you can dress accordingly to look and feel your best. 

Carrying Large

carrying large

Women who carry large all over, usually experience swelling in the ankles and arms as well as weight gain all over the body.

PS. This is very normal and does not mean that you are fat, you are just very pregnant.

For this pregnancy body shape, it is best to focus on length. Wear clothing that is made of soft fabrics and longer lines. Also opt for black or darker coloured clothing as it has a way of making one look longer and slimmer.

Our Mandy Skirt and Empire Dress are great options for the “Carrying Large” preggy shape as they are flowy, super comfortable garments that hug in all the right places and give you that extra length.

Leggings and tights are also great options and any woman’s best friend (pregnant or not). They grow with your belly and body. Pair these with a flowy top and you are set to go. 

Carrying Small 

carrying small

When you are carrying small, the only place growing is your belly. This gives you space to play with patterns and prints. 

For you, it is best to show off your small areas. Try wearing pregnancy skinny jeans, and a beautiful frilly top or floral dress. These garments will show off your small figure and add curves to your look. You could also pair fitted pants with tight tops to show your belly off a little bit more.

Your options are endless so have fun! 

Carrying Low 

carrying low

If your belly is just above your hips, this means you are carrying low. If this is the case, you want items that are soft on the waistband and nothing too tight to ensure there is no discomfort on your hips. 

Most tops and dresses will look great on you. One thing you may struggle with is the length of tops as you may find they do not cover your entire torso. If this is the case, get yourself a belly band. These are great for covering up what your top can’t! 

Our bottoms range focus on comfort for you. All of our bottoms have elastic waistbands and are soft on the hips. 

Carrying High

carrying high

Carrying high is probably the most difficult pregnancy body type to dress… but not to worry, you can still look and feel beautiful! If your preggy shape is high, it is important to divide your bust from your belly.

Wearing tops and dresses that cinch in under your bust will accentuate the belly in the best way. This will create a perfect separation between your bust and belly and show off your bump perfectly.

We have a range of beautiful dresses and empire/baby doll tops that will do just that! 

We suggest you look for clothing that is made of cotton lycra. Cotton lycra is a stretch material that women can wear throughout their pregnancy no matter their size. Our range at Bellyssimo is made of cotton lycra, enabling you to look and feel your best. 

No matter your preggy shape, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be looking & feeling your best throughout your trimesters. We’re here for your every step of the way.


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