Bellyssimo announces thier new summer catalogue

Bellyssimo announces thier new summer catalogue

Durban’s favourite maternity clothing brand is back and better than ever!

Bellyssimo, a well-known, Durban-made maternity wear brand, is back with a new and exclusive Summer Range for 2018/19.
Recently launched online as well as in retail stores across South Africa, you can expect fashion-forward clothing that is perfect for the warmer months.

Why should you be excited?
Recent upgrades have been made including new owners, quality fabrics, a change in CMT and new suppliers – all to provide you with the best tailor-made garments throughout your pregnancy journey.

Gaining inspiration from Bellyssimo’s sister brand, Mum Maternity, only a select few items have been chosen to be incorporated with the new Bellyssimo range.
Using only the bestseller items, this maternity collection is guaranteed to be the most stylish, trendy and diverse range of maternity wear that you have yet to see in South Africa.

“We have spent a lot of time and effort on finding ways to improve the brand and finally we are ready to share our new and improved Bellyssimo with you,” says new owner, Ulric Algar, who is exceptionally excited about Bellyssimo’s relaunch.

Those with retail and/or editorial inquiries who are interested in the Bellyssimo range and would like to view the catalogue, please email:

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