Carriwell Therapeutic Breast Soother®

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When you prefer natural pain relief.

The Soft and flexible breast soother reduces swelling and soothes painful and sensitive breasts. Natural, safe pain relief through warm or cooling therapy.

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Soothing: Designed to reduce swelling and soreness in your sensitive breasts.

Soft: Flexible soft design moulds to the shape of your breasts for maximum comfort.

Endorsed: Approved and recommended by leading childbirth educators.

Warm & Cold: Provides natural, safe pain relief through warm or cooling therapy.


Wash Care:

  • Wash Breast Soothers in a bowl of warm, soapy water and dry them with a clean towel before placing them in the polythene bag.



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Carriwell has been designing and developing comfortable and supportive underwear for both expectant and nursing mums since 1996. It has always been our undertaking to enhance the breast feeding experience between mother and baby wherever they may be.