Pregnancy Hacks

Pregnancy Hacks

Pregnancy Hacks

Nine months is a very long time to share your body with another human. These pregnancy hacks should help make your journey a little more comfortable for you.


1. When you can’t reach anything anymore because your bump is too big, grab a long pair of braai tongs. You’ll be surprised how handy these will be.

2. Swollen feet, headaches, sore back? Frozen peas! The texture is perfect to wrap around any part of your body.

3. Heartburn and indigestion: Try more liquid foods. Try not to eat 3 hours before bed. Lay horizontally when you’re sleeping and try a spoon of apple cider vinegar to ease the indigestion.

4. Keep snacks in your nightstand like granola bars or non perishables for those midnight cravings.If you crave something that needs to be in the fridge like a cheese sandwich. Make it before you go to bed so it’s ready.

5. Try going to the bathroom before brushing your teeth to avoid gag reflex. Strange but it helps with nausea. If that doesn’t help, try swapping your toothbrush out with a child or toddler sized toothbrush and also try bubblegum toothpaste if you can’t stomach mint.

6. Pack a nausea kit for when you’re out. You can include a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, sour candies, mints, and a puke bag in case you get sick in public.

7. Invest in a pregnancy pillow. It is life-saving. Buy it early so you get the full use of it.

8. Get a humidifier to help add moisture in the air to avoid congestion and help your sleep. You will need it anyway for the baby’s nursery.

9. Grab some books and get clued up on everything you need to know so you’re not stressed out. We have a blog on most recommended reads from our Bellyssimoms.

10. Create lists to stay organised and prepare yourself for the pregnancy brain.

11. Pack a small bag of pregnancy necessities and keep it in your car so you always have it with you. Include things like easy snacks, an extra set of underwear in case you leak, and a mini water bottle or Powerade.

12. If you’re feeling heavy or tired, go swimming. You’ll feel weightless in the water and take pressure off your joints and muscles.

13. Swap your work chair out for an exercise ball. It may sound silly but it’s way more comfortable and strengthens your abs, which you’ll be grateful for post birth.

14. Grab some E45 cream to soothe any itching. Another great tip is adding coconut oil and oatmeal to your bath.

15. Invest in a pair of maternity jeans. They will stretch with you throughout your pregnancy with the elastic giving you an option to position it on a button that best suits your belly. We have some great ones on sale on our Website.

Shop smart! A lot of women buy large clothes as maternity clothes which is wasteful post birth. Bellyssimo stocks a range of fashionable, comfy clothes that are quick to throw on during pregnancy and post birth. Find everything in one place on our online store.

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