B.Bundle Maternity Wellness Kit

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Looking after your well being during your 9 month journey is important. Our soothing Maternity Wellness Kit covers all aspects of tension, helping you relax throughout your pregnancy.


Our kit contains:

  1. Free Stylish Tote bag! To keep all your “mom stuff” in.
  2. Maternity Soothing Neckz Pink: Used to help alleviate whiplash, headaches, anxiety and tension. Heat up the pure essential oils wheat bag and calm your tight shoulders. These Soothing Neckz are designed to mould to the contours of your neck.
  3. Maternity Soothing Foot Bathz Rose: After a long day of standing, soak your swollen feet in a soothing foot bath. A combination of Rose Oil and high molecular polymers forms a caviar gel substance that targets the acupoints in your feet to stimulate, rejuvenate and revitalise tired swollen feet during pregnancy.
  4. Mama & Baba – Fuzzy Bunny & Bedtime Bunny: For when baby has arrived. Bedtime Bunny and fuzzy Bunny are soft plush toys with removable tummy inners that can be heated in the microwave and contains Lavender Essential oil for a soothing nights rest.
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How to use: Heat the removable tummy inner in a microwave for 40 secs to 1 minute and carefully replace the tummy in the soft toy. This product is used in the same manner as a hot water bottle without the concern of hot water leaking and burning your child.

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