Bellyssimo teams up with TNNG Capture to create a dynamic duo that will provide you with the best Maternity Shoot experience. 

We are offering affordable, unique and intimate photoshoots - whether it is a lifestyle shoot in the comfort of your own home, a fun in the sun outdoors shoot or a studio shoot with all your maternity essentials you can contact us for any one of these environments you feel suit you best! 

From the soft touch of our Bellyssimo garments helping you ease into your shoot, to the TNNG Capture photographer helping you pick the best location to bring out your ‘pretty mom love’ we are sure you will not only be wow’d by the quality of your overall experience but also have photos that will last you and your baba a lifetime. 

Contact us and fill out your Maternity Shoot questionnaire to help us get a better feel for you and your requirements and set up your maternity shoot today. You can also email us at or give us a call on +27 31 566 4855. Let us capture YOUR story! 

Bellyssimo Lifestyle Shoot - April 2017
Shot by Stuart Vivier Photography  

We had the privelege of being a part of telling Taryn and Brad King's story through photography just a few days before their baby boy was born.
Taryn raved about the comfort and quality of our Bellyssimo garments whilst Stuart took the beautiful shots of her in the comfort of her own home. 

The Bellyssimo Products featured in this shoot are the: White Karen Vest, Burgundy Karen Vest, Coral Cotton Babydoll Dress, Coral Mandy Skirt and the Black Maternity Leggings


back pain in pregnancy

With all that women have to go through during pregnancy we can’t help but think that you could use a little bit of hope when it comes to back pain and it’s secrets. This is why we’ve come up with three secrets that could just be your perfect combination to help ease back pain.


  1. Aside from making sure your favourite pants don’t fall down around your ankles because of your big belly, a Bellyband has a large number of advantages varying from back support to money saver; from shirt extender to extra warmth on a chilly day. Let us also just take a moment for the back pain you are experiencing that you may feel you weren’t fully prepared for, we are here to tell you that WE are prepared for it. Bellybands can be ordered (here) off the Bellyssimo website whilst you lay on your couch, relaxing. Trust us, the real thing will be even better than your dreams! The colours Bellyssimo offers are Black, White and Grey, so if you are looking for the perfect range of colours to match any colour palette you have in your cupboard then - we have you covered.


  1. We get that additional weight with a little ‘baba’ growing inside you puts some physical strains on your body, so why not relieve yourself of those strains in a mentally and physically healthy way. We recommend some yoga stretches that are specific to back pain such as:

Downward Facing Dog - A good way to go into downward dog is to begin in the plank pose. Push back into downward dog. Let your heels and sternum fall further to the ground with each exhale.

Child’s Pose - Sit on your haunches, inhale as your lift your arms to the sky and exhale as you bring them the ground in front of you. You can do child’s pose with your knees together or apart, depending on what feels better for your back.

These types of stretches will not only help ease back pain but will relieve you from any
tension you may be feeling both physically and emotionally. Lucky for us, we have first hand knowledge of the insight that was behind this blog and we can guarantee you’ll be feeling fully rejuvenated after a few mornings of these stretches. For more yoga stretches head over to Perfectly You to find out more.

Yoga Pose

We strongly advise if you’re looking for a way to unwind at the end of your undeniably tiring day you could head to the Aroma Soothz Direct website and make sure you stumble across the (both powerful and natural) healing tool which is the Aroma Soothz Wheat Bags! We’ve heard the Soothing Tummyz Wheat Bag in particular may just become your new best friend with its abilities to sooth; energize; calm; heal and relieve you in your time of need! The Soothing Tummyz are available in various essential oils as are many of the other wheat bags if you’d like to head over to Aroma Soothz website (here) and have a look for yourself. With all the hormones running around in that ‘preggy’ body of yours we can only imagine how heated things must be on a daily basis. Why not heat things up in the best way possible with your Soothing Wheat Bag!


So if you’re wondering where to find the perfect ‘official’ maternity shoes, we’ll give you a clue - there are none.  

But here are the 5 best shoes for pregnancy that come pretty darn close.


  1. A good start would be a stylish pair of flip flops. One’s that epitomize comfort; quality and strength all rolled into one. A good example of these can be found at Island Style and ordered here. The prices are from R180.00; are guaranteed for 2000 km's and have that extra bit of foot room we all know you’ll need but don’t worry - your secrets’ safe with us.

2)  After these comfy options you can never go wrong with flat sandals. Although in the later stages of your pregnancy you may have to find someone to help you with putting them on, in the early stages we say YES to a bit of style and comfort too!

dress, fashion, feet

3) Athletic or running shoes are a win as well. The soft cushioning will be a lifesaver on the days you have to face the grocery shopping and with being a mom-to-be there’s nothing like some athletic gear to get you prepared for the days of running after your kids in a mere few years!  

exercise, hobby, jog

4) Bellyssimo’s Maternity Wear has a new exciting range joining them soon called ‘Shwe Shwe Chic’. The reason we are telling you about this is because their pumps are going to be the answer to all your swelling feet prayers. Pumps are the perfect shoes for those days you feel like you want to keep your feet out of the public eye and just throw on a pair that will be comfy and hassle free. Keep your eyes peeled on the Bellyssimo website for more information on the ‘Shwe Shwe Chic’ Range.

ShweShwe Chic Pumps.jpg

5)  Although pregnancy and heels will never go hand-in-hand, we understand that us ladies prefer some sort of heel for fancy occasions. If you find this is the case for your Friday night then we say definitely go for Wedges and avoid wearing a stiletto heel. Wedges have a thick base and more cushioning often with more slip resistant material therefore they are more stable.

Besides investing in some “pregnancy footgear” for the long term benefit, we advice to spoil your sore, swollen feets with a nice warm bath from time to time. We recommend the Soothing Foot Bathz from Aroma Soothz Direct for added comfort and relaxation. Get 10% OFF when you send as a gift!

Once dissolved in hot water, the substance takes on a caviar texture with a unique combination of Rose Essential Oils that targets the acupoints in your feet to stimulate, rejuvenate and revitalise tired feet.